TASTE SLOVENIA: KrasPass Gourmet Tastings and Experiences

Plum dumplings, Kras
Plum dumplings, Kras

Daily, until 31 August, visitors to Kras will have a chance to visit over 40 providers included in the big KrasPass gastronomic family and discover the tasty side of the area.

With premium wines, naturally dry-cured meat products and other culinary treats from the Karst area, over 40 providers invite you to discover the tasty side of the Karst area. You now have a chance to join tastings and experiences held daily at 11am, 4pm and 6pm. The prices range from 12 to 24 Euro.

Check out the list of the providers included in the project and discover the big KrasPass gastronomic family, which includes several renowned winemakers, chefs, restaurants with tradition, tourist farms, fruit-growers, herbalists, cheese-makers, beekeepers and stonecutters.

Karst is located between the Gulf of Trieste, Vipava Valley and Brkini. This is the place where water and soluble rocks make contact and create magic world filled with underground caves, disappearing rivers, dolines and other karst phenomena. In fact, the Karst plateau gives its name to all similar landscapes around the world with comparable soil composition and the whole set of karst natural phenomena.