The brand new Grand Union Wine library

The new Grand Union Wine library it’s a new best experience from your must-be-there list. Intimate place under the chandeliers located in the heart of the magnificent Art Noveau city center, has to offer 170 carefully selected Slovenian and foreign premium wines. Beside excellent service, the Wine library is the only place in the city where you can experience tradition, premium selection at affordable price and high quality time.

Union Café with the new Wine library not only offers a wide selection of exclusive wines, but a full range of tasty tapas to satisfy your cravings.
With the tasty package, our personnel not only strive to bring joyful moments of pleasure among guests but also care to unite our customers with our extensive selection of premium wine through our monthly wine events.

Intimate and cozy Wine library inside the Union Café offers you so much more – it’s a place where you can relax after a busy day, It’s a perfect choice when you need a great reception for your guests and offers you a table for a a more private tête-a-tête. Or at the end, you can just enjoy a glass of wine while you watch one of our live events. At the Union Café we are always scheduling new and exciting events and publish them up on our monthly calendar. Take a look at it today and schedule your must-be-there visit!
@ the Grand Hotel Union we believe sharing a bottle of wine is much more than an act of consumption — it turns a meal into an occasion, and a gathering into a celebration of friendship, shared experience, and the spirit of conviviality — sustaining those social connections is part of the grand tradition of Grand hotel Union that will live on with our new Wine library.

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