The Fabulous Karst

Lipica, Lipizzaner horses
Lipica, Lipizzaner horses

The Kras region of karstic Slovenia, where the land is beautiful and the climate gentle all year long, is simply a perfect setting for outdoor events. This time we’re showcasing a location with a storied tradition, a vibrant part of Slovenian heritage.

The Lipica Stud Farm keeps over three hundred white Lipizzaner horses, galloping across 300 hectares of the estate: a delightful canvas for the organization of various events. Lipica lies a stone’s throw from the neighbouring Italy and the Adriatic Sea, on a scenic plateau where events can be held in the Hotel Maestoso, in the outdoor shade of mighty trees, or some other of the estate’s many locations. Perhaps you’ll opt for a picnic brunch of choice home delicacies, or lunch in the company of the Lipizzaners served in the stables – a truly unique experience bound to resonate in the memory of your guests. Lipica’s well-tuned hospitality team makes sure each occasion is tailored to the client’s wishes, infused with a culinary experiencepar excellenceand spiced up with the many activities offered by the Lipica Stud Farm and its surroundings.

Become a horse whisperer

The international experts from Lipica developed a fascinating new incentivemeant for smaller business groups wishing to share a compelling story and form tighter bonds. Using a variety of techniques and body language, the group – business partners or company collective – socializes witha herd of horses in their natural environment under the watchful eye of a horse trainer. It’s an amazing experience indeed, since only mindful presence can win over the trust of these magnificent animals. Calm intent and a trusting mind will convince the horses to come close. Naturally, the essential component of the Horse Whisperer experience are Slovenia’s magnificent Lipizzaner. These noble white steeds, favourites of the Vienna haute écoleof classical riding, have been bred in Lipica for over four hundred years. The Lipica Stud Farm is one of Slovenia’s symbols and the gem of its equestrian pride, a tourist landmark and favourite location for the organization of a range of meetings and incentives centred around horses, nature and the Karst.

The Lipizzaner, symbol and pride of the land

Did you know most Lipizzaner foals are born brown or black, then start greying to eventually turn snow-white? Lipica, the cradle of this noble historical breed, has been its first and biggest home ever since 1580. The stallions have been a coveted resource throughout the centuries, and the herd was evacuated from the farm on several occasions during times of conflict, being even rescued from Nazi capture during the Second World War by general Patton – a story that inspired Walt Disney’s film Miracle of the White Stallions

Who knows, perhaps your next event catches momentum from the powerful Burja wind, breathing some fresh ideas into your schedule through marvellous nature, local cuisine and the jolly and resourceful Kraševcilocals. Or perhaps, steps take you into one of the deep subterranean wonders of the karstic world, where a colourful palette of adventures await. The Karst is truly fabulous! Come and see for yourself.

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