The formula for a sparkly incentive

Spring is in the air! All around, there’s sounds of murmuring, splashing, dripping and churning, foaming and roaring, trickling and spraying; energy. Water. The source of life, the elixir of Mother Nature. Slovenia is tremendously rich in water sources, ranking among the top countries in Europe. Here, you practically can’t go a step without spotting a stream, river, lake, a glimpse of the sea or even a thermal spring. Man’s respect for water was in these parts a prehistoric trait. Later, during the Renaissance, our famed nobleman and polymath Johann Weikhard von Valvasor likewise wrote of the priceless abundance of this subalpine country’s crystal springs. Today, drinking water is a basic public good in Slovenia, as well as the constitutional right of all its citizens.

If any land wishes to boast

of having much milk and honey,

that is, that God blessed it

with fruit and abundance in all His glory,

then it must first boast to have

an abundance of rivers, streams and clear springs.

Johann Weikhard von Valvasor

Fast forward… we all know the digital age has completely transformed not just the MICE industry, but the human experience at large. Old paradigms are history now as ever-new horizons emerge with incredible speed; exciting, interconnected and constantly buzzing, updating livein real time. Sometimes, though, the electronic glare is just a little too hypnotizing, the noise too overwhelming. We need to escape, revisit the first principles. Back to nature! The genuine charm of personal presence and some good oldface-to-face conversation.

Green, how wonderful you are! Thriving nature is the pillar of springtime incentives, something Slovenia has to offer in spades. Our green foundation is truly par excellence! What better place to be active and get some exercise than the natural environment, offering a range of activities from sports and adrenaline ventures to calming, mindful journeys. One of these is the barefoot experience of pine needles, a forest selfness program that takes you to a place of peace and relaxation. Naturally, you can opt to dive into a thermal water adventure instead – a playground for some friendly competition.

Which ingredient is key? The secret to wellbeing lies in the 87 natural thermal springs found in this little piece of the world. Pure benevolence! Healthy waters, pleasant climate and other traits are the core of the offer of our fifteen certified natural health spas strewn across Slovenia from the Adriatic Sea to the Pannonian Basin. Water is life, sustenance, energy, it nourishes the economy and, of course, the planet. Water is beauty and rebirth.

Curious fact:

Did you know our country has its very own fizzy healing water?Legend has it the mineral source of the cherished Rogaška Slatina was unearthed as the Pegasus, winged stallion of Greek mythology,struck its hooves against the nearby hills, shifting the mantle of the Earth, gushing forth magnificent health-giving treasure! The story marks the beginnings of the successful Donat Mg brand – the world’s natural mineral water richest in magnesium.

So! Our formula for a sparkly springtime incentive in the Slovenian spas is …


Toss these into a pot, add a pinch of laughter, and the carefully selected experiences, attention to detail and personal note are sure to leave that wow! impression with your visitors, the greatest satisfaction of any host or delegate. Your spring incentive experience will undoubtedly receive some special energy from the locals, too. A kind-hearted welcome and a “yes, we can!” attitude namely awaits in every corner of Slovenia.

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Author: Jasna Jašič, Marketing & Communications Manager, Slovenian Convention Bureau, Photo: Nea Culpa,