The Fuzzy Log, one of Ljubljana’s latest hospitality addition

The Fuzzy Log Hostel, Ljubljana, photo: Marko Ocepek Delbello
The Fuzzy Log Hostel, Ljubljana, photo: Marko Ocepek Delbello

The Union Hotels Collection has a new member: a new hostel, for the digital nomads and forward thinkers.

The Fuzzy Log is a new hostel in Ljubljana. The fifth member of the Union Hotels Collection is also a member of the largest accommodation chain in the world – International Youth Hostel Federation (IHYF). It is designed for the digital nomads and forward thinkers, who can log in, fuss-free. The owners describe it as “a base for your on-the-go lifestyle”. 

The hostel features thoughtful, innovative and efficiently designed on-trend spaces with a ‘cool’ factor. Clean, minimalist and modular design with integrated technology inspired by the concept of hostels and alternative lodging, breaking the rules of traditional hotels. At the hotel, 24-hour self-service check-in is available. And it’s simple: use your name and last name that came with your booking, enter all the data, make your Key Card and check-in to any available Cabin Log.  

The Fuzzy Log with as many as 210 beds falls into the category of four blue triangles, as it meets or even exceeds the categorization criteria. It is also the only accommodation facility of its kind in this part of Europe that meets the strict COVID-19 standards to the greatest extent possible, as accommodation units are separated from each other and can accommodate a maximum of two guests. Environmentally friendly and completely self-sufficient accommodation is made from recycled materials, such as poplar wood, from which modern cabins are made. 

Futher information is available here.

The Union Collection, (photo by Marko Ocepek Delbello)