The Michelin Guide Slovenia 2021: Ljubljana region now has 2 Michelin-starred restaurants

Luka Košir, Staderzen, Visit Ljubljana
Luka Košir, Staderzen, Visit Ljubljana

The newest edition of the Michelin Guide in Slovenia has been recently revealed. Restaurant Gostišče Grič from Šentjošt near Horjul, led by chef Luka Košir, has joined this year’s list of 53 restaurants. The region of Central Slovenia now has two Michelin starred restaurants as Atelje restaurant (1*, chef Jorg Zupan) included in the last year’s edition has been confirmed also for 2021.

Gastronomic region 2021

Michelin stars have become a true status symbol and an extraordinary accolade for chefs, not to mention the most distinguished and prestigious brand in the field of gastronomic guides with a remarkable global reach and impact on the gastronomic development of a destination.

In 2021, a year when Slovenia holds the title of European gastronomic region, the recognitions of the Michelin guide have a special significance. The demanding inspectors, who visited Ljubljana’s restaurants between February and June, were convinced by as many as 17 restaurants that were included in the Michelin selection. The cult ‘red bible’ guide now includes 53 restaurants within various categories, 18 of which are located in the Central Slovenia region.

A century of stars

The Michelin guide is distinguished by its 120-year tradition and its carefully honed evaluation criteria based on five principles: quality of ingredients used, mastery of flavour and cooking techniques, the personality of the chef in his or her cuisine, value for money and consistency between visits. In the pioneering times of the guide, which was originally intended for motorists who needed guidance on long journeys, one star meant a top inn of its kind, two an excellent inn worth a detour on the way, and three stars a restaurant that deserved a special travel. The stars have been preserved to this day and are certainly among the most desirable and recognizable gastronomic awards, which have been joined by new categories: Bib, plate and a special recognition for sustainability – Green star award.

Bib, plate and a green star

The pictogram of a smiling Michelin man denotes the Bib Gourmand award – restaurants that guarantee genuine culinary experiences with high-quality food and an excellent quality-to-price ratio. In Ljubljana, the Bib award 2021 was received by Gostilna na Gradu and TaBar.

The Michelin plate marks the restaurants where a good meal is carefully prepared from fresh ingredients. In Ljubljana and in the Central Slovenia region this category includes: Gostilna ASB-RestaurantRestavracija CuboDvor JezeršekHarfaRestavracija JBLanderikMaximMonstera BistroSeparéShambalaStrelecSushimamaValvas’or and Vander.

Michelin Green Star is given to restaurants for their sustainable practices. Gostišče Grič, which has received the award last year, has been among recipients also in the 2021 edition. 

As gastronomy is becoming an increasingly important part of Slovenian tourism, Ljubljana Tourism is particularly pleased to see quite a number of restaurants from Ljubljana and the Ljubljana Region on the list. Ljubljana’s vision is to further enhance its visibility as a green and safe destination, and a European capital well-know for its modern, diverse and sustainable cuisine of supreme quality.

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