The Pure Power of Nature of the Logar Valley

Hotel Plesnik
Hotel Plesnik

With almost a thousand years of coexistence with nature, our ancestors have successfully managed to preserve the natural environment and cultural identity of which we are particularly proud. In the Logar Valley Landscape Park and and in the Logar Valley-Solčava Sustainable Tourism Destination, they are committed to respecting nature and its energies. They are aware of the deep roots tended by our ancestors in this mountain ‘garden’. In this manner, they’ve prepared a variety of incentive programmes.

The company Razpotje turizem d.o.o. was successful in obtaining funds for the development of products and promotion on foreign markets – Germany, Austrian and Croatia – in the public tender for the development and promotion of integral products of the tourism economy launched by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. Razpotje turizem d.o.o., together with its partners Plesnik d.o.o., the Municipality of Solčava, and the Special Day, private institute for pristine experiences have developed an integral tourist product titled The Pure Power of Nature – the Logar Valley for you’.

The main desire of The Eco House Na razpotju and Hotel Plesnik is providing their guests to be in a harmony with preserved nature, the cultural environment and themselves.

Therefore, in their programme ‘The Pure Power of Nature’ is offering:

  • a comfortable and quality stay
  • quality healthy locally grown and organic food 
  • an experience in our Alpine Wellness Centre to fortify health and wellbeing
  • inspirational walks through the Alpine valley beneath the peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, through forests, to sources of pure water and to refreshing waterfalls
  • outdoor activities in harmony with the cultural heritage of the area

As part of the integral tourist products they have prepared a variety of programmes (one-, three-, five-, seven- and ten-days). These programmes include guided and independent activities for guests, such as:

– a special experience in the Alpine Wellness Centre, which is based on sun, clean mountain air, water from Alpine streams, saunas, hay baths, massages with oil from local Alpine herbs or with herb pillows or stones from the Savinja river

– perceiving plant music and listening to the sounds of nature – the rushing waters of waterfalls, the deafening silence of forests, meadows and mountain

– breathing exercises, meditation and Ayurvedic treatments

– exercises for the spine and stretching the body

 Kneipp path and barefoot walking, walks along sensory paths

– contact with trees, herbs and other plants on the basis of dendrotherapy and forest bathing

– experiencing themed walks amongst nature and in the wider surroundings – adapted to the season

– relaxing handicraft work with wool and other natural materials

– cultural-ethnic evening with local stories and music

– Nordic walking, cycling, and more

These activities are designed to encourage relaxation, calming of the body and mind, creative energy, focus, preserving serenity and playfulness, connection with the cultural environment, strengthening the body and opening up to nature.

Guests can experience an invigorating combination of relaxing, connecting with nature and strengthening the body, such as active movement, barefoot walking in the morning dew, walking under waterfalls and barefoot walking on various surfaces, herbal therapies with teas, herbal oils, herbal massages, herbal baths and laying on hay, meditation, yoga and dendrotherapy, with healthy local foods tailored to individual needs and desires.

Experts have identified special energy points in the Logar Valley which help with cleansing and connecting with nature and ourselves.

As part of the framework of the integrated programme, they’ve also linked activities to five anthroposophical principles: breathing, diet, art, care and conversation. Periodical interviews with a specialist are based on a relational model and compassion.

The programme is rounded off by an Ayurvedic treatment and an approach to the holistic acceptance of oneself and the surroundings and activities that foster connection with five elements: air, fire, water, earth and ether.

In modern language we talk about ANTISTRESS, DETOX, MINDFULLNESS/SELFNESS, HEALTHY AGEING and OUTDOOR PROGRAMMES. The first dates for the five-day programme are available in November and December 2019. More information can be found here: and

Hotel Plesnik

*The operation is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund: Investing in Your Future. The operation is carried out within the framework of the implementation of the Operational Programme for the implementation of the European Cohesion Policy for the period 2014-2020, as part of the priority investment 3.2 Development of Tourism. The project is co-financed with 69% of eligible costs under the budget lines PP 160071 – PN3.2 – Development of Tourism-14-20-V-EU, and PP 160072 – PN3.2 – Development of Tourism-14-20-V-SLO.