The World of Lace-Making is Coming to Slovenia this June

7772_Idrija_Lace Museum_photo_Foto Video Coppo di Marco Coppo_orig
7772_Idrija_Lace Museum_photo_Foto Video Coppo di Marco Coppo_orig

In June 2016, GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre will be celebrating the art of lacemaking, as it is hosting the 17th World Lace Congress of OIDFA — the international organization for bobbin and needle lace.

The Congress will take place from 24th to 26th June, 2016 at GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre This will be a unique opportunity to present and see various lace products, made from the high standard lace, from all over the globe. The visitors and participants will get a chance to meet all lace creators, to learn new techniques, to renew old friendships and strengthen business ties, as well as to create new ones.

Ms. Afrodita Hebar Kljun, the chairman of the Organizing Committee expects more than 600 participants from all over the world. Until the early bird fee deadline 439 participants have already registered.

Nina Ozanič from GO.MICE, the PCO agency responsible for registration and communication with participants said: “I wasn’t aware that lace is being made actually all around the world. So far we have participants from 30 countries, among them many are coming from Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, France, etc. Although the majority of them are ladies, we have recorded also some male participants.”

Congress program will start with pre-congress workshops in different Slovenian towns with rich lace tradition, amongst others Idrija, Železniki, Žiri and Cerkno. The official opening of the event will set off as “Mega-lace event” on the streets of Ljubljana with the live lace making. The main part of the congress, including the lectures and international lace exhibition, will be held at the GR-Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. Lectures will be available only for registered participants, while exhibition will be open also for public. Organizers are expecting a large number of groups coming from the neighbouring countries. It is the unique occasion to see lace products and lacemaking from more than 40 countries from all over the world. Congress will end with the 5-days Lace tour around Slovenia.

Photo Credit: Foto Video Coppo di Marco Coppo,