Three new Slovenia Unique Experiences

The Slovenian Tourist Board proudly unveils three new Slovenia Unique Experiences: the Black Hole Trail, an exhilarating subterranean descent through the underground of Peca, a hike above Češka koča with salting sheep and the Untouched by Light adventure.

Black Hole Trail – A thrilling descent through Peca Underground

The experience represents a new dimension of underground cycling and is spontaneously complemented by the classic cycling in Peca Underground, which has been on the market for over twenty years. Operational year-round, regardless of weather conditions, the journey is enriched by other products from the same provider: the Jamnica Single Trail Park and the Peca Cycle Park, an exciting Europe’s longest flow trail soaring a thousand meters above sea level. The added value of the experience is also the fact that it was designed in close cooperation with former miners and together with the well-known Štrucl cycling family, which built a cycling park in Jamnica and the first specialized mountain biking hotel in Slovenia in 1995, and today successfully runs Ecohotel Koroš.

Hiking with salting sheep above Češka koča

Brought forth by Šenk’s Homestead, helmed by Polona Virnik Karničar, this truly authentic experience resonates the heritage and the cultural ethos of Jezersko. Salting sheep is an intrinsic weekly ritual for the owner, a vital practice to supplement the sheep’s mineral intake via mountain grazing. Of exceptional significance is the guidance of Drejc Karničar, a well-known mountain rescuer, alpinist, sheep farmer, and owner of Šenk’s Homestead. His unfiltered narration throughout the hike provides an intimate, candid insight into sheep farming’s traditions. This experience unveils the legacy of one of the two remaining farms in Jezersko, dedicated to maintaining sheep in the surrounding peaks.

Untouched by Light

Presented by Radgonske Gorice, the esteemed wine producer, this product transcends conventions, reflecting the company’s unwavering dedication to innovation amidst its storied history. Highlighted within is the narrative of the Untouched by Light sparkling wine, globally distinguished as the first sparkling wine produced entirely in darkness. The experience is underscored by the ambiance of centuries-old cellars and the rarity of the Untouched by Light series—limited to a mere 2,000 annual bottles. Moreover, the equipment used for this experience is truly exceptional, featuring elements like night vision goggles, blindfolds, and black glasses for serving the sparkling wine. Every step of the process, from nocturnal grape harvesting to aging the wine in lightless cellars and bottling in black vessels, resonates with authenticity. Culminating in a tasting experience conducted in complete darkness alongside a sommelier, this endeavour stands as a true testament to the innovative spirit of Radgonske Gorice. The company, renowned as Slovenia’s pioneer in sparkling wine production, has substantial future potential, notably through its contribution to the preservation of Jurkovičeva Street, housing the Radgonske Gorice facilities, and the ambition to protect it as a UNESCO heritage site.

The Slovenian Tourist Board will marketing support and ensure exposure, as these experiences fulfill the promise and position of Slovenia as a green boutique destination for 5-star experiences. For an overview of the 26 current Slovenia Unique Experience label holders check out the special dedicated website. The new holders will be added soon.

Sources: STB, Podzemlje Pece, Šenk’s Homestead and Radgonske gorice d. o. o.