Top Chef Joins the Boutique Hotel Sunrose 7

Restaurant Pod kostanji, Sunrose 7

Renowned Chef Joins Boutique Hotel Sunrose 7’s Restaurant Pod Kostanji Team.

The acclaimed Chef Jože Godec joined the restaurant of Boutique Hotel Sunrose 7 at the end of April 2023. With the longest and exceptional culinary tradition in Bohinj, the restaurant is renowned for its unique delicacies seasoned with a generous amount of creativity and love. Chef Godec is delighting food enthusiasts and culinary art connoisseurs alike with his creative dishes made from local and seasonal delicacies.

Jože Godec, Sunrose 7

The culinary offering is set to become even more exquisite, filled with new experiences

Chef Jože Godec is renowned for preparing dishes that you will admire even before tasting them, while also introducing new dimensions of taste.

The new chef will bring a vibrant range of new gastronomic dimensions to the restaurant of the Sunrose 7 boutique hotel and leave his mark on the already rich and excellently-rated culinary experience. He will draw inspiration from his surroundings and local produce to prepare dishes that reflect the local culture. He will combine all the necessary ingredients to create meals that will satisfy even the most demanding palates. In the tranquil atmosphere of the adult-only hotel, you will find even fuller and more exquisite culinary experiences.

At the Sunrose 7 restaurant, they believe that some of the world's best ingredients grow in Bohinj, a fact already known to our ancestors. Bohinj's delicacies have been wrapped into recipes that were lovingly passed down from mothers and grandmothers. Simple plates of local delicacies have merged with the culinary expertise of a top-notch culinary team and tell a story full of emotions, enriched with a touch of modernity.

The hotel manager, Manca Lapajne, summarized her impressions upon the arrival of the new chef: “Top-notch cuisine originating from the local environment is becoming an increasingly important part of the hotel’s offerings since guests experience their destination in a unique and unforgettable way through food. As a sustainable and boutique hotel, we strive to provide guests with a taste of the best that Bohinj has to offer, as it comes straight from the heart. At Sunrose 7, we look forward to upgraded culinary creations and the satisfaction of hotel and restaurant guests who surrender themselves to a peaceful ambiance.”

Restaurant Pod kostanji, Sunrose 7

The Sunrose 7 restaurant is the perfect choice for all those who crave authentic culinary flavors in an environment that dazzles with its beauty and enchantment. Every detail reflects the love and passion they invest in making your time with them unforgettable. To top it all off, they offer an experience of over 130 years of hotel tradition, friendly staff, excellent service, and wellness.

Sunrose 7