Translation for Dialogue at the Grand Hotel Bernardin

Around 100 experts gathered in Bernardin on 23rd of June to participate in the “Translation for Dialogue” Conference, which was co-organised by the Anna Lindh Foundation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia and the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI). 

Organizer Ms. Elisabeth Guigou of the Anna Lindh Foundation pointed out the importance of understanding the dialogs among people. The main focus of the first high-level conference of its kind in the mediteranian region was the central role of translation in the current emerging socio cultural challenges in the region.

The conference involved all the stakeholders of the “translation chain” – from publishers, authors, academics, libraries, translators, civil society organisations, foundations to public and private institutions, to showcase, debate and advocate for translation as a central tool for intercultural dialogue.

Irina Bokova, director general of UNESCO said for this occasion: “The crossroads between Africa, Europe and the Middle East, the Mediterranean is a crucible of rich and unique diversity of peoples, cultures, religions, and languages. Languages are more than tools for communication – they allow societies and individuals to interact, to share knowledge, to deepen mutual understanding on the basis of dialogue.“

The two-day event served as a platform to promote and expand a cooperative network between the actors involved in the translation chain and to act as a bridge and a common understanding in the region.

Grand Hotel Bernardin and its staff provided a top-notch conference experience, from re-arranging the venue to fit the organizer’s needs, providing a full catering service, to making sure guests are comfortably accommodated in their five-star hotel.

Kongres Magazine