Travel Light With Adria Airways

Adria Airways

Adria Airways is taking the first step in renovation of its services that will apply to all scheduled flights (JP flight numbers).

Analysis over recent years has shown that almost a quarter of Adria passengers travel with hand baggage only. From June 2015 passengers will be able to purchase a ticket that includes hand baggage only and will be more favourable than tickets with checked baggage allowance. This is the first change in a trend towards unbundling of the product that will result in passengers only paying for what they actually need.

Adria Airways is keen to keep pace with trends in the airline industry and the needs of modern travellers and wishes to enable passengers to “build” their own tickets to suit their actual needs. The first step in this direction is the possibility of travelling with hand baggage only. Adria Airways finds that almost a quarter of its passengers spend a maximum of two days at their destination and find travelling with hand baggage (up to 8 kg) sufficient while they do not take advantage of checked baggage allowance (up to 23 kg).

Starting on 10 June, Adria Airways passengers will be able to purchase hand-baggage-only tickets which will be more favourable than tickets including checked baggage allowance. From now on “What you pack is what you pay!” will also apply to Adria Airways. Combined with with First Minute deals, this product will offer even cheaper travel when booked at least 8 weeks before departure (subject to seat availability). Passengers will still have the option to purchase adittional first item of checked baggage after purchasing their ticket up to 4 hours before departure.

Over the coming days, in the spirit of “What you pack is what you pay!” message, OnAir Magazine at will feature video guides for smart packing with advice on what to pack and how to make the best use of the space in your suitcase. Tips for weekend breaks and business trips and advice on how to pack baggage for toddlers will also be available. Adria Airways will continue to strive for connecting Europe via Slovenia as it upgrades its services to match the needs and requirements of modern travellers.

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