Underwater Love

Postojna Cave_Proteus Eggs
Postojna Cave_Proteus Eggs

Tense wait for baby Slovenian ‘dragons’ at the Postojna Cave.

In a Slovenian cave visited by a million tourists every year, a bizarre and rare amphibian is guarding a significant clutch of eggs. In the last few weeks, the Postojna “dragon mum” has become quite a celebrity and carries a weight of expectation on her slimy shoulders.

The olm, a blind salamander found in cave rivers of the Balkans, is thought to live for more than 100 years but reproduces just once or twice a decade. A female in an aquarium at the Postojna Cave has laid approx. 80 eggs – and some of them are now showing signs of growth. Proteus eats, sleeps, and breeds underwater. The proteus is something of an icon in Slovenia, even appearing on coins before the arrival of the euro. Hundreds of years ago, when floods occasionally washed the creatures from the region’s caves, they were regarded suspiciously as baby dragons.

It is a unique opportunity to observe the enigmatic proteus reproducing in the same caves where it has lived for millions of years. If you are looking for some extraordinary ideas to wow your clients, we invite you to experience mysterious underground world of Slovenian Karst.

Tomaž Krušič, Director, Intours DMC:
»Hosting the SITE Leadership in Slovenia was a great opportunity to present important opinion makers in the incentive industry a selection of incentive possibilities in Slovenia and the larger Adriatic Region. Raising awareness of a newer destination is a long-term process, especially to a long haul market. And showcasing the SITE Board Members the grand diversity of Slovenia is one piece of the puzzle in this long term endeavour.«

Check out the Olm Diary  by biologist from the Postojna Cave.

Photo: Iztok Medja for Postojnska jama d.d.