Union Hotels Go Green and Healthy

Union Hotels_Green Transport
Union Hotels_Green Transport

As environmental issues continue to push into the mainstream and the City of Ljubljana striving for a sustainable and green city*, Union Hotels did not forget the need to coexist with nature and keep an active lifestyle in their continuous efforts to enhance and increase the quality of stay.

Healthy and green snacks for a healthy break that replenishes energy during business events

They believe that food makes us healthy and provides the necessary amounts of energy. This is why they created new green and healthy collection of snacks “Healthy Food for a Good Mood”, made from fresh and local produce with preference given to organic ingredients. When creating the healthy and green collection, the focus was on the ingredients that replenish and renew one’s energy, which is especially welcome during conference or meeting breaks.

Eco-friendly transportation – so quiet that everybody notices it, so urban everybody wants it

The green collection on the plate has been enriched with green transportation, a suitable choice for quickly navigating through the heart of city. Union Hotel’s four hotels in Ljubljana city centre are now proud owners of electric scooters, available for guests or clients during their stay or organisation of events. They opted for electric scooters because of their key advantage – a reduced environmental impact. They’ve also noted the added value of these nimble two-wheelers bring to the guests, alongside a more comfortable ride, good acceleration, no engine noise and a distinct lack of exhaust fumes.

More about Union Hotels: http://www.union-hotels.eu

*Ljubljana won the prestigious title “European Green Capital 2016”