Unique Incentive Event Experiences in Slovenia by Intours DMC

Let’s admit something: you can bring your team to a beautiful place, treat them with great food and offer them a nice teambuilding activity almost anywhere in the world. It is DMC’s creativity and special experiences, that will really touch your team, make them feel awarded and special, just like they should feel at an incentive event. At Intours DMC we breath creativity and we love to combine Slovenia’s amazing natural environment with extraordinary experiences. We are revealing a few incentive event ideas, that you can (probably) experience only in Slovenia.

Spa in the salt pans
Unique outdoor spa in Secovlje Salina nature park is one of a kind. The park is known for its salt production since the middle ages and the saline landscape is something you don’t experience every day. No wonder that the spa inside the park is a success, offering special treatments with salt-pan mud with beneficial sea products and climate that boosts your health. And the best part? You can privatize it for an evening party or pamper your team with a whole day of spa, just for themselves.

Enjoy yoga in the underworld
Karst formations and Slovenia’s underground world is rich with thousands of caves. Postojna cave is the most visited cave in Europe, where you can see a human fish, ride with a train while observing the natural wonders and to spice up the experience, you can also try something unusual in a cave. How about a little yoga, when surrounded by stalagmites and stalactites?

Become a beekeeper for a day
Bees are an important part of Slovenia’s culture and if you love honey, you will love Slovenia too. Try honey cookies, honey sparkling wine or indulge in a honey massage – options are limitless and great to destress your team. If you are brave enough, you can put on a beekeeper protective suit, open the honeycomb and take out the honey with your hands – an experience that you will never forget.

Intours DMC, photo: J. Gantar, slovenia.info