Unveiling Dolenjska’s latest online hub

The region of Dolenjska has a new website. Check it out and do not forget to peek inside the festive holiday atmosphere in Novo mesto.

After 12 years, the website of the region of Dolenjska has undergone a modern makeover, responding to the evolving needs of today’s travelers and serving as a treasure trove for potential visitors seeking travel inspiration. The site showcases a diverse array of activities, from hiking and cycling, to cultural events and culinary delights.

Consider Novo mesto as your next destination for incentive programs, conferences, or special events. The city’s vibrant atmosphere and the region’s diverse offerings provide the perfect canvas for crafting unforgettable experiences. Take advantage of the festive season and plan your events against the enchanting backdrop of Novo mesto to create lasting memories for your clients and attendees.

Explore the newly redesigned Dolenjska website and let it be your guide in curating exceptional events that leave a lasting impact. From travel inspiration to detailed event planning resources, the revamped site is here to support you in orchestrating remarkable experiences.

In the heart of this transformation, Novo mesto is aglow with festive cheer, as twinkling lights create a magical Christmas atmosphere. The city is buzzing with excitement, hosting an array of thrilling events and concerts that promise to elevate your holiday spirits.

Novo mesto is a distinguished member of the Historic Towns of Slovenia association, nestled between vineyard-covered hills and the meandering Krka river, Novo mesto, though “novo” (new in English) in name, proudly unveils its rich heritage dating back to pre-Christian times. Delving into the past, this city captivates with its precious artifacts from the Iron Age, particularly the Situlae – exquisitely adorned bronze vessels once cherished at festive gatherings. Imagine, if these ancient marvels were still in use today in the cultural heart of Dolenjska, they would undoubtedly brim with the delightful essence of cviček wine!