Unveiling the Piran Sea Oasis

The Piran Marine Oasis project has been launched to study the possibility of developing an innovative and sustainable multi-trophic mariculture, which will also provide shelter for the various marine organisms that will settle there.

he event marking the laying of the foundation stone for the Piran Marine Oasis was held on March 20 2024, with a presentation of the project led by Dr. Irena Fonda, Director of the YouSea Biodiversity Conservation Institute. Named the Piran Marine Oasis, this underwater structure is engineered to investigate the potential for developing innovative and sustainable multi-trophic mariculture, while also serving as a sanctuary for diverse marine organisms seeking habitation.

The YouSea Institute in Seča is dedicated to marine biodiversity conservation, public awareness-raising and education initiatives such as the Blue Schools for the Sea project, which seeks to familiarize primary school students with marine life and foster a sense of stewardship for our oceans. This effort is fundamental in catalyzing positive change in the face of deteriorating marine environments.