Vibrant summer in Ljubljana

You cannot smell the mouthwatering scent of freshly baked corn that hangs in the air of the historic Ljubljana streets by sitting at home. Neither can you hear the enchanting music or see the jaw-dropping performances that take place during the Summer in Ljubljana Old Town Festival. But you could. The Summer in Ljubljana Old Town festival invites you to discover its numerous concerts and shows, and experience the vibrancy of city life in person; And all of that (mostly) for free!

Each year, the Summer in Ljubljana Old Town festival contributes to the vibrancy of city life in Ljubljana by presenting a programme of classical music concerts held in the picturesque surroundings of the old city centre. Most of the concerts are free. 

The festival begins in June and is held until the end of August, when it traditionally concludes with an event entitled Nights in Ljubljana Old Town.

For detailed information, visit the website of the organizer, the Imago Sloveniae society.

You may not have the possibility to be in Ljubljana every month but no one can stop you from dreaming. And we all know that dreams can come true. Explore the vibrant event scene in Ljubljana:

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