Video interviews: Winning bids for international congresses with the help of the Slovenian Convention Bureau

Prof. Mitjan Kalin, PhD and Prof. Albin Pintar, PhD
Prof. Mitjan Kalin, PhD and Prof. Albin Pintar, PhD

Video interviews with Slovenian Congress Ambassadors, Prof. Mitjan Kalin, PhD and Prof. Albin Pintar, PhD.

Congresses and scientific meetings with multiplicative effects and long-term promotion

The organisation of scientific conferences has become more significant than ever during the pandemic both from an economic and scientific standpoint. Slovenian scientists that were proclaimed as Slovenian Congress Ambassadors in November 2020, have emphasised the multiplicative and long term effects of international events for the host country. 

Their wish is to be able to host and attend international congress and events in person as soon as possible. In their opinion, the effects of digital events cannot be compared to those of live events. The Slovenian Convention Bureau and its members are of great help when organising international events with their rich experience and connections.

Prof. Mitjan Kalin, PhD

Prof. Mitjan Kalin, PhD, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering said: “I see the future of congresses as they have been in the past – absolutely live. Virtual congresses do not work, although they are doable, they do not have the effects we want.”

Prof. Mitjan Kalin, PhD, is the Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana, where he works as a professor and head of the Laboratory for tribology and interface nanotechnology and the Head of the Chair for Tribology and Maintenance Systems. In 2017 he organised “European COnference on TRIBology – ECOTRIB 2017 in Ljubljana.

Prof. Albin Pintar, PhD

Prof. Albin Pintar, PhD, Slovenian Chemical Society, National Institute of Chemistry said: “Organising scientific events in Slovenia is crucial for our industry, as we place our field of expertise on the international map.”

Prof. Albin Pintar, PhD, is the Head of the Laboratory for Environmental Sciences and Engineering at the National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana and President of The Slovenian Chemical Society and the regional manager of the RSC Advances magazine. His recognisability in international associations helped him attract the EAAOP-6 Conference to Portorož, Slovenia.

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Photo Credit: Marko Delbello Ocepek