Video »Time to #stayhome. Turn to nature and dream« Inspires Viewers Across the Globe

#stayhome, Photo by STB
#stayhome, Photo by STB

The Slovenian Tourist Board recently released the Video Story of Slovenia “Time to #stayhome. Turn to nature and dream.”, created with great sensitivity to nature by the production company TENT led by Slovenian photographer Ciril Jazbec. The video reached more than 300,000 web users in just a few days.

Slovenian NBA star Luka Dončić shared the video with fans on his personal Instagram and Facebook profile. The positive message of the campaign is echoed in the many beautiful responses written by the followers in the comments such as “I visited Slovenia last summer and the video reminded me of the great times I spent there. It’s an amazing green country!”

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Time to #stayhome. Turn to nature and dream of #ifeelsLOVEnia.

Scenes of relaxed and in-depth contact with grass, water, trees and local traditions provide an image of the future we want to renturn to. Dive deep into Slovenia’s meditative atmosphere and daydream of the moment when you’ll be able to discover it in the near future.

Watch the video here: