Virtual Invitation to Maribor by a Popular Musician

Popular musician Luka Šulić sends message to stay home and travel tomorrow.

Luka Šulić is one of the two members of the musical due 2Cellos and was Born in Maribor in Slovenia. In a new video he plays a few tunes on his cello and urges the public to stay home so we can all travel tomorrow.

“Maribor is a city of great wine, food, culture and a lot of fun”

Luka Šulić, 2Cellos about his hometown Maribor

This is part of Maribor’s campaign to visit the city virtually, before it is possible to travel again in person. Luka invites people to visit Maribor (virtually for now) by describing his place of birth as a city of great wine, food, culture and a lot of fun. Virtual exploring of the city also entails several plays and concerts that have been uploaded for spectators to enjoy from their homes, as well as virtual museums and video recipes from famous local restaurants, so everyone can be a chef at home.

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