Waterful Slovenia

Refreshing springs, clean rivers, serene lakes, the calm Adriatic, all these help constitute the great natural wealth of Slovenia. The tiny yet remarkably diverse sub-Alpine country is rich in water sources, ranking among the most fortunate European states in this regard. Here, we also value the importance of partnership, believing that business events and expert conventions are best executed when they involve the destination’s community into a genuine relationship with the clients & attendees. The answer, like we’ve posited before, lies in the people, one of Slovenia’s key competitive advantages. Agreeableness, a round-the-clock smile, a personal approach and team flexibility, these are the natural components of Slovenian energy, traits that make Slovenia Meetings stand out. Water, the source of life, is certainly one of its lively foundations.


Green. Active. Healthy.

Water is one of the most strategically vital natural resources in the third millennium. We exist on a blue planet, most of whose surface is, indeed, covered by water. And yet, only a surprising 1 % of all the water on earth is drinking water, allocated around the planet quite irregularly at that. Thankfully, Slovenia is a country where fresh drinking water is a common good. Since prehistory in fact, our people have fostered a special relationship with the element.

Here, you will also find an exciting number of thermal and mineral springs in a relatively small area, and consequently many thermal spas becoming an increasingly popular destination among business guests as well. The Štajerska region boasts the greatest number of these – as many as seven. The secret to vitality and wellbeing rests in the 87 natural thermal springs. Hearty waters, great climate and other traits represent the core offer of Slovenia’s fifteen certified natural health spas. Thermal and mineral waters have been a faithful source of health for the locals for centuries. Our roots of balneology go back over 2000 years, with preserved records from antiquity on display in the spas Rogaška Slatina, Rimske Toplice and Terme Dobrna.

Did you know that in Slovenia, drinking water is in fact a constitutional right and that our country has its very own fizzy healing water? Legend has it the mineral source of the cherished Rogaška Slatina was unearthed as the Pegasus, the winged stallion of Greek mythology, struck its hooves against the nearby hills, shifting the mantle of the Earth, gushing forth magnificent health-giving treasure! The story marks the beginnings of the successful Donat Mg brand – the world’s natural mineral water richest in magnesium.

In addition to hosting conferences, congresses and other expert meetings, Slovenian health spas offer great potential for outdoor incentive experiences – in a championship mood, like our own Ilka Štuhec, you can glide the beautiful slopes of the Maribor Pohorje, test your cycling mettle riding across marvellous landscapes certain to inspire your future business endeavours, or simply absorb the power of nature through one of the selfness programs. Conversely, you can decide to unwind to the fullest, relaxing in one of our oases of vitality and wellbeing. As icing on the cake, most of the spas are found in a verdant winegrowing region, where the tasting of premium wine and culinary treats rounds up your comprehensive sensory experience of the region.

Meetings and events come in all shapes and sizes. There’s no such thing as »one size fits all« anymore, really, and that’s why you need a destination partner with team flexibility etched into their DNA. Luckily, it comes naturally to us in Slovenia, where we’re practically born with the skill to adapt. Professionalism, Slovenia-style!

No wonder then, that the štajerci as we affectionately refer to the people of Styria are known far and wide as fun, open, cheerful and hospitable people. True ambassadors of team flexibility and Slovenian energy!


Picturesque wine country. The spirit of perseverance. Heart and soul.

Like a tsunami, digital technology has swept across the meetings and events industry. The old paradigms are history now as ever-new, exciting horizons emerge. But sometimes, it’s all just a little too much. We have to escape, revisit the first principles. Nature! The genuine charm of personal presence, of face-to-face conversation.

Knowledge exchange, education, networking and incentives are essential drivers behind business & expert conventions. The Slovenian Convention Bureau thus in early October conducted an education-motivation conference for the domestic expert public on the subject of key guidelines for the successful positioning of Slovenia’s natural health spa offer as an attractive destination for business meetings with a focus on incentives.

The informative part of the conference ran under the guidance of Mr. Gorazd Čad, noted regional congress and tourism marketing authority, who presented the latest industry trends in the content and digital marketing spheres, on the case example of a health spa business incentive program. The second part was shaped as a creative incentive experience, involving the conference participants in fun tasks under the tutelage of Mr. Matjaž Jug from an agency specializing in teambuilding programs.

After the experts shed their light on the importance of content and creative copy in the digital world, participants engaged in brainstorming based on the innovative “Event Canvas” method, designing creative Mediterranean incentive experiences in video form.

People live through stories. Our narrative of reciprocity, teamwork, attention to detail and Slovenian energy can be an exciting theme of your future expert meeting or incentive in one of Slovenia’s delightful health spas. So … pack your suitcase and get ready for an unforgettable experience! The many surprises will take attendees on adventures, from urban to pristinely natural. Imagine riding a vintage motorcycle across the fading trails of a fascinating landscape, a gentle wind, the scent of fragrant plants, inspiration, the sense of drawing closer to a goal … The world appears more pleasant in an instant!

With our carefully selected experiences and responsive personal touch, we’re committed to leaving that wow! impression with your attendees, the paramount goal of any host.

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Welcome, and let us impress you!