Winter Swimming Enthusiasts Gathered at 6th Bled Winter Swimming Cup

Winter morning_Bled
Winter morning_Bled

Bled, a picture-perfect Alpine town is attracting more and more tourists each year and it is also highly anchoring its position as one of the best Slovenian meetings and events destination.

Winter swimming is a well-known activity in Russia, China and Scandinavia and is becoming increasingly known in lots of other countries with winter climate. The winter swimming enthusiasts see winter swimming as an invigorating activity, which brings good health, physically and mentally. In January 2010, Bled first welcomed a very particular winter event, hosting the World Winter Swimming Championships. The incredible atmosphere and a lot of positive energy at the event, encouraged the organizers to continue organizing Winter Swimming Cups in Bled also in the following years.

On 18th February 2017, lovers of winter swimming from all around the world gathered in this Alpine pearl at the lake shore private lido of the most renowned Grand Hotel Toplice. The event was organized by Bled Tourist Board in partnership with Strel Swimming and the participants had the opportunity to compete in 25 or 50 metres or simply jump into the cold water.

Grand Hotel Toplice recognized the importance of this kind of events for Bled and proudly supported the event by hosting it with their special treatment. Average February temperature in Bled is -0,2°C and average water temperature of Lake Bled only 5°C, so the event is just for the bold and brave enthusiasts.

The famous Grand Hotel Toplice, part of Sava Hotels & Resortsserves as a venue for many important events and in its long history welcomed many eminent guests and today welcomes the high demanding guest. One of the main characteristic of this famous Bled hotel is also the hotel’s thermal bathing facility with the source of the healing water spring directly from the lake. Beside Grand Hotel Toplice, the thermal springs are led into the swimming pools also at 2 other Sava Hotels & Resorts in Bled, the Park and Golf Hotels, so they enable pleasant swimming and successful treatment of stress related illnesses, exhaustion, neurovegetative disorders and agerelated fatigue in 28°C heated healing water from the lake.