Without Music, Quarantine Life Would be Even More Stressful

In an uncertain time of pandemic, when streets and markets stand alone, when our everyday and social life are giving us an unfamiliar image, many people reach for culture – be it music, literature, film or a virtual admiration of a favorite painting in a fancy gallery. Culture is the cornerstone of our society, which, even in times of crisis, enriches our lives. Our western neighbors found a spark of hope in music.

You certainly heard some footage from the Italian balconies, which echoes the rhythms of music enthusiasts, famous pop and rock stars, symphonic musicians, choirs, and Andrea Bocelli himself! Many musicians and music lovers from all over Europe have joined the viral quarantine music movement, from attending live digital concerts like the ones by a famous Balkan Dubioza Collective, you can apply for the Quarantine Song Contest, or listen to Perpetuum Jazzile, a choir responsible for making the opening night of the 12th Conventa Trade Show an unforgettable experience.

Famous German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said: “Without music, life would be a mistake.”. We agree and add that through music, we can disconnect from difficult thoughts for at least a few moments, warming our soul and heart, and who knows – perhaps the music will inspire you for a new business idea!

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