The Yummy Side of Ljubljana

A long-time journalist, culinary aficionado, traveller and communication consultant, Iva wears a wide and sincere smile to complement the curiosity in her eyes, not to mention her love for sublime drinks and the fine dishes that can be found throughout the city of Ljubljana. Iva is one of those people who when you ask for advice on where to lunch, dine or have some culinary self-indulgence, she can answer right away. In short, Iva is a walking encyclopedia of all that can be found in the best restaurants, bars and cafes in the city.

From all the love of fine food and drinks and of everything interesting in this world, the project of Ljubljananjam was born, which reveals to you all of the hidden – and not so hidden – corners of the Slovenian capital and where you really need to get to (and fast!) if you want to discover only the best that the city has to offer, far from the tourist traps and properly off the beaten track, to places where we, locals, like to dine.

What is it?

Ljubljananjam is a gourmet lecture around the old town, a food and drink walks, a calendar of culinary events, local tips on the most popular inns and cafes, and other culinary experiences. A culinary walk with Iva and other foodie guides is actually for those who want to feel Ljubljana as local people feel it, as she takes you to unique places well off the beaten tourist path and to where you get a glimpse of where Slovenian food and bars are heading, while still honouring time-held traditions and culture. Through her vibrant and creative pulse you will get to meet with culinary Ljubljana of back then and nowadays, and also personally meet up with some cooking masterpieces that they create.

It’s possible to choose from four different walks to suit your taste (and, importantly, taste buds):

  • Ljubljana Essentials
  • Fino Vino
  • Craft Beer Extravaganza
  • Keen on Caffeine

Have a sweet tooth, want to taste the best wines Slovenia has to offer, or maybe a great fan of craft beer? Iva has a little bit of something for everyone.

Each culinary walk is a story in itself – varied and adapted to the size of the group. As Iva herself says: “Vegetarian? Vegan? Gluten-free lover? Pescetarian? Lactose intolerant? Ljubljananjam caters for all tastes!” A walk takes four hours and during this time participants will visit some small, mostly family, independent dining rooms, where they will learn about modern and historical Ljubljana through food and conversation with people at the kitchen counter. However, anyone who thinks it is just about food will be living a great illusion! Ljubljananjam is also well versed in providing excellent coffee, wine or boutique beer. In fact, just about everything amazing for your tummy.

In joining a Ljubljanjam food walk one can learn about the best traditional and contemporary Ljubljana cuisine, beer and wine whilst wandering around the city and having great meals with like minded food enthusiasts and meeting the chefs in person, which is definitely one of the highlights of the tour. Iva believes in and swears by local, fresh, seasonal and mostly organic meals, and after the tour she will also give you the necessary guide for culinary tips around Ljubljana.

As we like to say: “Dober tek!”

Source: Kongres Magazine