Zeed, an Audience Engagement Tool for Conferences

Slovenia Meetings
Slovenia Meetings

Zeed is a presentational tool for conferences developed by the Mediatoolkit in 2015. It displays every online mention and its corresponding analytics of your event in a visually appealing way, making data beautiful and ready for projection onto the big screen. By placing Zeed behind panelists nad speakers, conference attendees can directly engage in the discussion via social media and improve the interaction with both, panelists and the crowd. 

It motivates the audience of your event to see the existing online conversations, join them and share their experience. 

Why it was developed?

Between coordinating venue management, speakers, clients, audiences, caterers, contractors, designers, and journalists, event organizers have little or no time to also manually keep track of conversations happening online.

They use Mediatoolkit to find out about every mention directly on their phone or laptop the moment it appears, without worrying about missing on something important.

It really helps when I can immediately see a positive tweet or a blog about the event directly from my phone. When I’m running around making sure everything works, I get that extra boost of confidence knowing that what I’m doing makes sense. And if someone complains, I can address the issue immediately, which typically prevents a lot of problems.

A couple of similar feedbacks got the MediaToolKit Team thinking: why not design a tool that would make these mentions available for everyone to see? It would help them engage and connect with other attendees and speakers, and motivate those who aren’t already tweeting or mentioning the conference to join in.

They knew that similar tools already existed, but there were two very important things which motivated them to go forward with the project.

  • 99% of social media walls gather mentions from social media only, and miss out on important conversations from the rest of the web.

To the outsider, this is not a dealbreaker. But to clients it is – they want all their data, and not just some. Mediatoolkit was built to gather mentions from more than ten million different sources: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but also from websites, blogs, forums and everything else. Why should clients have to buy a different tool, and get one which only shows some of their mentions, when they can display all their mentions already available in Mediatoolkit?

A lot of similar tools merely project mentions, and do not motivate the audience to engage.

While researching, they’ve noticed that a lot of other tools often display a lot of mentions at once, which makes it hard to spot an interesting opinion or comment. They’ve designed Zeed so that mentions appear in real time, but with enough room and delay to be really read and understood by users. This is why it’s also used by panelists and speakers to take questions from the audience. In addition to that, it’s possible for organizers to block inappropriate mentions from appearing on Zeed (swearing and insults).

So, to sum up, these are the things that make Zeed different:

  1. It collects mentions from all types of online sources, while similar tools cover only social media.
  2. It recognizes relevant mentions even when they are without the official hashtag or @handle.
  3. It displays a graph on the number of your mentions to encourage the audience to join the conversation.
  4. Mentions are easy for everyone to read and reply. This is why it is often used during panels to ask the panelists questions directly from social media channels.
  5. You can block inappropriate mentions from appearing on the screen.
  6. It typically increases the number of conversations about your conference by 20%, but we have cases where it goes up to 300% (more about it further down).
  7. It securely stores your mentions in Mediatoolkit for further analysis.
  8. If you use Mediatoolkit to track your mentions in the days before and after the conference, you’ll have every single mention of your conference in one place ready for
  9. analysis.
  10. Our analysis is automated, which means your report can be ready in minutes.

Still not sure what all this is about? Check out how it improved Leap Summit’s social conversations by 300 %. To download free case study, visit Zeed website: www.blog.mediatoolkit.com