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    Kranjska Gora features the best fourseason entertainment in the Julian Alps.This picturesque town, surrounded by the impressive scenery of the mountains, is located very close to the intersection of three borders between Slovenia, Austria and Italy. Congress tourism has long tradition in the Hit holidays hotels. Five hotels with more than 600 rooms have as many as 17 conference halls and smaller meeting rooms that can host up to 1200 participants. Kranjska Gora offers business guest great venue with personalized services in combination with different activities and spending time in pure nature.

    Contact person: Milan Sajovic

    Address: Borovška 99

    ZIP: 4280

    City: Kranjska Gora

    Phone: +86 (4) 588 44 77

    Email: milan.sajovic@hit-alpinea.si

    Website: https://www.hit-alpinea.si/sl/kongresni-turizem/

    Max. capacity plenary room: 360

    No. of meeting rooms: 21

    No. of hotel rooms: 639

    Destination: Alps

    Category: Hotel with Conference Facilities
    Tag: Kranjska Gora