Sava Hotels Bled Boosting Delegates’ Brainpower

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In the interest of the maximum working efficiency and well-being of the participants in events within Sava Hotels Bled, they have developed a set of initiatives named “Boost Your Brainpower”. Different approaches and scientifically proven methods ensure a high level of energy throughout the day and, at the same time, create a balance between your body, mind and soul – without any excuses, even on a business trip.

“Coffee Breaks with Added Value” in Sava Hotels Bled primarily include foods that provide the brain with power for better performance, turning the participants of the event into powerful driving forces.
Green smoothies with spinach, avocado and banana or raw cakes with nuts, chia seeds and acai berries. Not to mention canapes with wholesome bread and wild salmon or 100% cocoa mousses. Such dishes, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin E, minerals and fibre, enhance your memory, increase concentration and stimulate blood flow.

These dishes are even more delicious when served on the hotel terrace or on the nearby lawn with a spectacular view of Lake Bled and the Alps. It has been proven that a view of green areas improves concentration and lowers stress levels.
Another way to boost a brainpower consists of guided stretching and breathing exercises – as little as 10 minutes during a coffee break are enough to reduce stress, improve the overall mood and increase oxygen levels in the brain, thus preparing the participants for the challenges ahead.

What is more, the experienced massage therapists of Sava Hotels Bled will carry out short hand reflexology sessions during the coffee breaks. They stimulate individual points and thus have a positive effect on circulation and cognitive abilities.