Stay Well-Connected at the Thermana Park Laško Congress Centre

The Thermana Park Laško Congress Centre boasts a wireless network that enables a stable, high-quality and reliable wireless connectivity to a large number of concurrent users of the network.

We live in an extremely dynamic world in which it is difficult to separate our business and private lives due to constant connectivity. We can no longer afford not to be connected while away on business, for example during a conference or a similar business event. Connectivity is not only needed by visitors of events, but is also often even more important for the organisers and speakers that increasingly use the connection with the world – the Internet – to communicate with visitors, prepare and conduct presentations, post on social networks, broadcast live events and for many other on-line activities.

At the Thermana Laško are well aware of this, which is why they have been regularly investing in building and updating the wireless network at their conference centre. This time, the wireless network upgrade was carried out by experts from the company that hosted the IT conference RISK at the Thermana Laško three years in a row. The chosen solution called Xirrusis is particularly well-suited for conference centres because it allows a very large number of concurrent users, a high-quality control and management of wireless traffic as well as good scalability, i.e. an easy upgrade option that will, according to the still extremely rapid progress of technology in this field, at some point in the future definitely be needed again. 

Thermana Park Laško Conference Centre prides itself on a completely redesigned wireless network. It allows a stable, high-quality and reliable wireless connection to a large number of concurrent users of the network and at the same time enables us to adequately control the traffic.

This new acquisition allows them to host large and challenging events such as the Conference on Information Security RISK 2017. On this occasion, the two-day event will bring together over 600 professionals from the field of information technologies and demanding users of wireless network. They will be very well taken care of both from the standpoint of connectivity as well as in all other aspects.