Boring Business Meetings? Not in Slovenia!

Piran Salt, Nea Culpa
Piran Salt, Nea Culpa

A successful business or expert meeting doesn’t just feature great content, quality speakers, flawless organization and an exciting destination, but also involves just the right people – service providers and overall team spirit. A dash of originality ties everything together, creating an atmosphere tailored to the particular occasion. Today, attendees and organizers alike value useful as well as memorable business experiences, and the two often go hand in hand.

Knowledge exchange, education, networking and employee motivation are some of the essential drivers behind business and expert conventions. On these grounds, the Slovenian Convention Bureau in early March conducted an educational-motivational conference for domestic expert audiences, on the subject of key guidelines for the successful placement of Slovenia as a promising meetings destination for events organized by international expert & business associations.

The informative part ran under the guidance of visiting lecturers. Mr. Tom Reiser, executive director of the well-established International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis, presented the needs and requirements of international associations, while Mr. Michael Kern, executive director of the global organization DEKON Group, who already organized two international congresses in Ljubljana, presented the outlook and wishes of a congress organizer. Visiting speakers elaborated on the trends of the meeting industry sector and the multiplicative effects of hosting international expert meetings, shedding light, among other, on the importance of a tailored individual approach in the preparation of tender bids and proposals.

Following the lectures, attendees formed groups in order to prepare destination bids for a selected international expert meeting in Slovenia, with the aim of presenting a winning bid. In the high-energy spirit of friendly competition the groups did great work, tackling tasks and challenges to prepare some excellent destination bids.

Expert and business meetings come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The standard classroom, movie theatre or banquet layouts are dull convention concepts that no longer excite, and it’s something Slovenia is well aware of. Focusing on creativity, expertise and team spirit, we strive to prepare unique custom events that exceed the expectations of the focus groups. In turn, this naturally requires a flexible and resourceful destination partner, but luckily, Slovenia has all these traits in its DNA.

Although Slovenia ranks among the smallest European countries, it is good to keep in mind that colorful diversity in many different ways represents one of its greatest competitive advantages. Our fascinating natural and cultural heritage, broad selection of congress capacities and meeting venues, world-famous cuisine, outstanding wines, authenticity, pleasant climate, variety of experiences and, not least, the friendly and industrious people, make up the pillars of the Slovenia Meetings programme.

“Slovenia in three sentences? Great people, marvelous nature, authenticity.”

Aoife Delaney, managing director of Ovation Global DMC, Ireland

Today’s meeting organizers and guests are more demanding than ever. They are well informed and environmentally conscious, seeking thrills and authentic experiences beyond the monotonous standard. In this context, beautiful nature combined with business surroundings presents an excellent alternative to classic business meetings, and that is precisely what you will find in Slovenia – a brand new experience! Most of our visitors are simply amazed by how much there is to see here in the space of a single day.

Imagine attending an expert conference in the morning, with the speakers waging their intellectual contest in an actual boxing ring, then continuing the panel discussion perched on ancient industrial barrels! A dynamic expert event is best followed by a business lunch of gourmet cuisine, prepared just for you by the world’s best female chef, while enjoying the breathtaking vistas of Slovenia’s green surroundings, sipping on a glass of choice local wine. Simply divine! To further strengthen team spirit, late afternoon offers a quick ride to the Slovenian coastline where a regatta across the blue Adriatic will certainly bolster morale. And who is to say emotions don’t belong in the business world? A gala dinner accompanied by the inspiring sounds of jazz music, staged in the enchanting caves of the Karst, is a delight like no other.

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Photo: Piran Salt Pans,, Nea Culpa