Would You Row with the Olympians and Bake Potica Cake on the Bled Island?

Bled, Bled Convention Bureau
Bled, Bled Convention Bureau

Lonely Planet recently described Lake Bled with its island as the most photogenic in the world, but Bled is more than just a beautiful alpine scenery with a lake, an island and a medieval castle. You can get to know Bled through its authentic experiences, inextricably linked with the town and its inhabitants.

Rowing with the Olympians on one of the most beautiful lakes in the world

Rowing is one of the oldest and most successful sports in Bled. Bled rowing has one gold, one silver and four bronze Olympic medals, and with the Olympians you can have an unforgettable experience –with an eight on Lake Bled! Through the rowing experience, an eight-member team finds a balance between the strength of the individual and the performance of the team. The experience allows the team to feel the physical, mental and emotional aspects of working together – and also how to move the boat efficiently and quickly.

Get to know the Carniolan honey bee

Carniolan honey bee is an autochthonous Slovenian bee, which has become a symbol of coexistence between man and nature. Bled’s meadows and forests are full of good pasture for bees, some of them have also found their home in the educational apiary in a village Selo pri Bledu. About 30 bee families live in the apiary with hand-painted beehive panels. Each visitor gets a beekeeper’s hat to be able to safely observe the bees the apiary and in the tree hollow. The guided tours offered include presentation of bee life, relaxation in the apiary and breathing scented air from the hive, painting hive extensions and making candles. The visit to the apiary ends with a tasting of different varieties of honey products. 

Baking potica on the island of Bled

Potica is a Slovenian holiday cake, that cannot be missing on the Christmas, Easter or any family celebration. In the cultural splendour of its regions, Slovenia offers many different culinary delicacies and knows many types of potica: a simple or with a rich filling and masterfully twisted… When filling this exquisite dessert, the baker’s creativity has a free path – and so it goes without saying there are as many recipes as there are people who bake it.

And the little secrets for the successful preparation of this dessert go from generation to generation. Experience a part of this tradition by baking potica on Bled Island yourself! And taste the different types at its potica cake specialized bakery called Potičnica.