Triglav National Park

I Feel Olympic

Slovenia is a natural sports venue, its landscapes encourages various ways of getting one's thrills from nature, and there are superb opportunities for activities...

Festivals and Special Events in Slovenia

Slovenia boasts a surprisingly diverse cultural scene, from urban happenings and traditional presentations, to cosmopolitan festivals. An important aspect of Slovenian culture are diverse cultural...
National Gallery of Slovenia

Art in Slovenia

Orienting oneself in Slovenian culture is a speedy and rewarding process. After visiting just a few art galleries, one can quickly spot the distinctive...

Millennial Meeting Planner Takes Over the SCB’s Social Media

#ifeel25 Slovenian Convention Bureau gives control of its social media channels to a Millennial meeting planner Following the lead of other destination marketing organisations in the...
Opera Ljubljana

Culture of Slovenia

Slovenia boasts a surprisingly diverse cultural scene, from urban happenings, traditional presentations to cosmopolitan festivals, all enveloped into authentic experience. Precious items in museums,...

Science in Slovenia

Slovenians have always been immensely inquisitive in the area of science. In their zeal for understanding, Slovenian scientists have never known any boundaries. They...

Economy of Slovenia – Innovative, Ambitious and Sustainable

German punctuality, Balkan creativity and Mediterranean charm are core assets of the Slovenian economy. Slovenia is often cited as the ideal transition economy. Its...
Mlin na Muri_Mura Mill_Janez Tolar, STB

The Cultural Heritage of Slovenia

Numerous castles, architecture masterpieces, old cities and towns, hayracks, watermills, saltpans, picturesque beehive panels, intriguing art, culinary and wine culture, traditional customs …. they...
Rakov Škocjan Large Natural Bridge_Tomo Jeseničnik

The Green Heart of Europe

Slovenia sports an incredible natural diversity unmatched in many countries twice its size – powerful waterfalls, mighty peaks, picturesque landscapes, dreamy meadows, breathtaking underground...
Linden Tree_Slovenia_Janez Tolar,

Symbols of Slovenia

As a country, Slovenia has an alluring story to tell and great symbols attached to its chest, being a proud part of several multinational...