Ljubljana Airport: Provisional Summer Flight Schedule Released

Between 25 March and 27 October 2018, passengers will be able to enjoy regular flights from Ljubljana Airport to 34 destinations in 23 countries. The new flight schedule sees the introduction of 8 new air routes, an increased number of flights on existing routes, and more charter flights than last year.

The schedule of regular flights from Ljubljana Airport has grown this year. Eight new routes have been added. Adria Airways is planning to establish new routes to Geneva (three times a week), Hamburg (four times a week), Düsseldorf (four times a week), Sofia (three times a week), Bucharest (four times a week), Dubrovnik (twice a week) and Brač (twice a week). And in August, EasyJet will introduce a new regular flight to Berlin. Flights to the German capital will be available three times a week.

Three airlines have also announced increased flight frequencies on existing routes. Adria Airways will increase its number of flights to Paris (from seven to ten per week), Podgorica (from seven to eleven per week), Copenhagen (from five to seven per week) and Prague (from four to five per week). It has also announced an increased number of flights to Skopje, Pristina and Tirana. Transavia will also be increasing its number of flights. The Dutch airline will offer flights to Amsterdam five times a week (except in July and August). The Polish airline LOT also announced an additional weekly flight.

Increased charter flights will also contribute to the growth in air traffic during the summer. The current forecast indicates an 11 % increase over last year. The summer flight schedule can be viewed here. The flight schedule is provisional and subject to modifications. Owing to the possibility of seasonal or operational changes, passengers are kindly requested to check the precise flight times with their airline.

Ljubljana Airport

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