Portorož: The Istriana Terrace – authentic magic of Slovenian Istria by the Church of St Bernardin

The Istriana Terrace, Portorož, 1
The Istriana Terrace, Portorož. Portorož. Konferenca EPRA. Foto: Daniel Novakovič/STA

The Istriana Terrace lies on a green cape covered with oleanders, palm trees, rosemary shrubs and bay laurel trees, halfway between medieval Piran and modern Portorož. The fifteenth century bell tower of the former monastery with the Church of St Bernardin forms the central part of the terrace, silently attesting to the rich cultural heritage of the site while soaking in the sunrays and offering amazing views of two countries, Croatia and Italy. The former popular sanctuary of pilgrims and members of a smaller Order of Friars Minor is now a part of St Bernardin Resort, to which it has lent its name in full respect of history.

The authentic experience of Istria at this venue, which can accommodate up to 200 guests for gala dinners or 1,000 standing guests from May to mid-October, starts with the view and embrace of the warm Mediterranean scenery and continues with the elegant white-clothed tables decorated with local herbs, with the gentle and aromatic lavender leading the way. 

The Istriana Terrace, Portorož. Konferenca EPRA. Foto: Daniel Novakovič/STA

While your eyes are being caressed by the subtle shades of Istria, your taste buds will be pampered with a cold appetizer – sea bass carpaccio from the local Fonda fish farm – and the air will be filled with the enticing aroma of a popular Istrian speciality – garganelli pasta with truffles. The fusion of tastes on your plate is complemented by the decoration made from olive oil and crystals of white gold – salt from Piran – which are an indispensible part of the authentic culinary experience of Slovenian Istria. Our authentic Istrian cuisine will delight you with its diversity, passion, and harmony of tastes. It can display its Mediterranean character or rather easily slip into its continental nature. It is rounded off by fresh local ingredients, native Istrian spices, Istrian herbs, top-quality olive oils, and several varieties of local wines by Vina Koper and Vina Zaro. 

The Istriana Terrace, Portorož. Konferenca EPRA. Foto: Daniel Novakovič/STA

The mosaic of the perfect experience with unforgettable views of the endless blue of the sea, exquisite culinary delights and amazing company is complemented by the locally charged musical accompaniment exquisitely interpreted by two musicians from Primorje, Rudi Bučar or Štefica Stipančević. While being caressed by their repertoire, you are served the Gin Brin Istriana cocktail and can surrender to the magical moments of the sunsets against the backdrop of majestic olive trees.

Experience your piece of the story of Istria!

More: http://www.hoteli-bernardin.si/mice/

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